Our specialist multidisciplinary team are on hand to help you on your recovery journey and our service supports a variety of mental health issues and addictions.

At Recovery4Life we work with over 18’s only.

We help you understand your needs, deliver specific tailored interventions and assist you and to help you identify and avoid triggers for lapse and potential relapse.

Maintenance programmes (e.g. on a regular opiate substitution medication prescription e.g. Methadone, Buprenorphine) and relapse prevention prescribing (e.g. nalmefene)  are an important and often unrecognised part of recovery. Recovery4Life is driven by what works for you rather than current trends.

As part of your recovery journey we support you to realise your aspirations and prioritise your personal goals, including maintaining your employment, personal relationships and family life.

Recover your way

Our programmes are aimed at providing assistance on a sustainable basis which is why, while residential programmes are sometimes appropriate, we aim to provide community based detox programmes. We deliver support designed to work around you, your family, employment and other commitments, so that you can continue to receive the help you need to get on with ‘real life’; ultimately achieving a more sustained recovery.

Residential detox & rehabilitation

Where appropriate, Recovery4Life will assess, plan and support residential detox and rehabilitation programmes, designed to meet your specific needs. We focus on making sure that you know what to expect and are prepared for your programme before you leave, and receive appropriate support on your return. Programmes can be arranged in the UK and Internationally.

Bespoke & holistic

All our programmes start with a comprehensive assessment of your physical health, mental health and social situation to help address your relationship with the issues and/or behaviours that are affecting your life.

By taking this holistic approach we aim to help you with address the specific causes of your condition including physical effects. Tackling the underlying causes of your problem will underpin your long-term recovery, health and wellbeing.

Our aftercare programmes are designed to assist you in realising your aspirations and to start living the life you want.


When you invest in your recovery we invest in you. Your success becomes our goal and ensuring you maintain your wellbeing is very important to us. This is why we provide 24 months of aftercare as standard.

In cases of addiction, Post-Acute Withdrawal (suddenly feeling you can’t manage) is most strongly felt in the 24 months after completion of treatment programmes, while not everyone suffers from this, many do. While most services stop at the end of treatment, Recovery4Life will stay with you for the long term helping you develop coping strategies which will eventually lead to your independence from services.

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