Managing mental health in the workplace

Operating 24/7 to help people address their issues


From simple interventions to complex psychiatric conditions

We offer a full range of assessments and direct interventions / treatment programmes where required.

This can range from simple interventions that address anxiety and depression to more complex psychiatric conditions. When we encounter poor mental health, it is not uncommon to encounter issues related to substance misuse and other forms of addiction. Often the use of drugs and alcohol is directly related to underlying poor mental health.


Direct interventions / treatment programmes

Our full range of detox services and support programmes help people to address these issues, getting them back on their feet, and back into work.

Where we have been brought in to work with employees directly, increasingly, they haven’t needed to take any time off work to complete their programme with us.

Why and how are we different?

We operate on a 24/7 basis and will fit treatment sessions around shift patterns.
Our team is highly skilled and used to dealing with complexity.
We take a holistic, flexible approach to treatment: we understand that everyone has different needs, so we tailor each person’s programme to suit them.


Protecting you and the wider company

As our client, our primary duty is to protect you and the wider company. As well as offering a full range of Mental Health services for businesses, we offer 24/7 confidential phone lines that support and inform HR teams who are tasked with managing mental health and other complex health issues in the workplace.

We also provide on-going supervision for your Mental Health First Aiders and Mental Health Champions. From a simple query relating to the implementation of a substance misuse policy, through to advice on a complex absence management issue relating to mental health. We are always one call away.



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