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Read about the people for whom Recovery4Life has made a real and lasting positive impact on their lives.

  • Professional and responsive

    As a doctor I see people every day who are struggling with addiction – I never thought I would be one of them.

    While it’s no excuse I am sure you can imagine how stressful being a doctor is and what started out as a relaxing glass of wine at the end of the day turned into a larger glass, a couple of glasses and then the bottle.

    I wasn’t sleeping properly which made things worse and before I was even aware that I had a problem I started to realise I needed a drink in order to function. My position made things even worse because I was the one meant to be giving advice and in control – I soon realised I wasn’t. My relationship at home started to take a downward spiral and it was an ultimatum from my family which finally made me contact Recovery4Life.

    I needed an immediate detox and this was carried out in my home at a time to suit me, all I needed to do was take five days off work. Although I am still tempted to drink I am receiving psychological therapies and I feel I am making real progress.

    As a professional I haven’t the time to take six months out to attend a residential unit so to know that I could have a home based service delivered by clinical experts with absolute discretion and without it interfering with my ability to practise was beyond my expectations.

  • Supporting the whole family

    Looking back I cannot believe that someone in my position with a good job, a loving family and a comfortable lifestyle could start using heroin.

    Not only did I put myself in danger but even my wife started using to see why I was. The fact that we have two lovely young children makes it even more unbelievable but we got into a situation which we thought we could handle and then realised we couldn’t.

    Recovery4Life was there for me, not just to help me get into treatment but also supported us though the referrals with social services which were necessary to ensure our children were safe. Recovery4Life was amazing and throughout our treatment gave us a huge level of support. My wife has stopped using completely and I am coming to the end of a methadone reduction programme and look forward to our lives together going forwards. Most importantly we still have our children, social services are no longer involved and we have managed to keep our jobs.

  • Prescribed and over the counter medication

    Bringing up a family isn’t easy and while I wouldn’t be apart from them I haven’t found the last few years easy.

    I’ve been on antidepressants prescribed by my doctor for as long as I can remember and a few years ago I started buying codeine tablets every day. When I tried to stop taking them I got worse headaches and migraines and didn’t seem to be able to cope.

    My husband noticed I was taking a lot of tablets and after nagging me for quite a while I was put in touch with Recovery4Life who couldn’t have been more helpful. I was so worried that people would see me as some sort of seedy drug user but it wasn’t like that at all and I was so surprised to hear that thousands of women of my age and background have the same problems.

    I am now on a stabilisation programme and have started to sleep properly without the need to take any medication.

  • Complex needs

    I’ve always been into fitness and lifting and started using supplements including injecting steroids to get the body shape I was after.

    This was really my introduction to substances. My mates were introducing me to some legal highs, I then thought because it was legal it was safe but it started doing some serious damage to my body when I started injecting and it effected how I was getting on with my family.

    I’ve been dealing with some long term mental health problems caused by stuff in my childhood, and have suffered from depression and anxiety, and everything all together really started getting on top of me. My Mam persuaded me to get help from Recovery4Life and things are already starting to feel better. I am not injecting anymore and while I am coming off the legal highs I am getting help with my other problems

    I know I am not quite right yet but I can see a way out of it and I don’t feel anxious or depressed anymore.

  • Personalised support package

    I have struggled with heroin addiction for many years and stopped injecting when I entered treatment many years ago.

    Since that time I was on a methadone maintenance programme and have been able to find a home, a job and a partner and have tried to live a “normal life” for the last five years.

    When the recovery agenda came out I was put under huge pressure to reduce my medication and get out of treatment as quickly as possible so my provider could hit their targets. I didn’t feel ready to just get off methadone in the time that was being forced on me and felt anxious and quite depressed that the one thing that was helping me stabilise my life may be taken away from me.

    I am so pleased that Recovery4Life don’t work like this and they put me first. I am on a reduction programme now but I feel really supported and I am now getting therapy to help me with causes of my addiction.

  • Non-judgemental care and support

    I am a young mum in my twenties with a lovely little girl who is my life. I work hard all week and go out on a Friday and Saturday night.

    I first tried cocaine when my friends were passing it around in a club and I liked how it made me feel and the energy it gave me. Celebrities do it, it helped me let my hair down and it soon became a regular feature of a night out. Before I knew it I started wanting some during the week, just to get me through, and before long I realised I had a habit.

    I was really nervous about contacting Recovery4Life but they were so helpful. My treatment was affordable and my recovery worker treated me as an equal and didn’t judge me. I can’t thank her enough and while it wasn’t easy to come off, I am so pleased I am not that person anymore.

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