A bespoke Medication Enquiry service

Protecting your business, the individual and your own clients


We offer a medication query service which is bespoke to every commercial client

At Recovery4Life we recognise the significant impact prescribed and over the counter medications can have on safety critical activities. Although these medications are perfectly legal and often prescribed, medications can have a severe impact on someone’s ability to competently perform at work, especially if the person in question suffers from side effects. If left unchecked, particularly in safety critical roles, a negative reaction to a new medication could pose just as serious a threat to the safety of the workforce as any illicit drugs.


Our four-step approach to Medication Enquiries

You will receive clinically informed HR advice and support, helping you to manage the impact of prescribed and over the counter medications and supplements on workplace and public safety.

The four-step approach we have implemented is aimed at protecting your business, the individual and your own clients.

1. Our specialists assess the potential affects and implications of the given medication.
2. We assess any potential interactions between the medication in question and any other medications the individual uses.
3. We assess the impact of the underlying condition
4. We match our assessment against the risk level of the employee’s role and make any relevant recommendations on how to safely manage that employee moving forward.

This service is particularly beneficial for employees in safety critical or client facing roles.



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