Our Beliefs

We don’t just identify problems, we always work to resolve them


Working in Partnership

We believe that the key role of Occupational Health, is to protect both the employer and the employee through the provision of high quality healthcare and risk management services, whilst keeping operational disruption to a minimum. We believe that it is our responsibility to demystify the complex and clinical, translating it into understandable practical and actionable advice for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being able to empower employers, providing them with the clinically informed HR and risk management advice needed to make informed decisions and standardise processes.


A solution to every problem

We don’t just identify problems, we always work to resolve them. We operate a multidisciplinary team of clinical specialists who have a detailed understanding of HR and Risk management processes. Regardless of case complexity, we will always provide you with a suitable resolution, protecting all parties involved.


Continuous improvement, development and clinical excellence

We are passionate about what we do, and our mission has always been to raise the standards of Occupational Health services in the UK. To quote our Medical Director Dr Martin Wheatherhead:

“Clinical guidelines and targets are a floor not a ceiling”

In other words we believe in going above and beyond standard expectations because we recognise that every business is different and has different needs. When we work with you, we will develop a full programme that is bespoke to your business needs, not just a series of tick box exercises.

From simple health surveillance/ attendance management to treatment for complex mental health issues and emergency detox, we have the capacity to service all your health requirements in-house.


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