Case Studies

Read about the organisations and businesses for whom Recovery4Life has helped to make a difference.

  • Choice, Support and Referrals 

    Manufacturing Company, North Yorkshire As a family run business employing around 100 people we were devastated to discover a key member of our team had started using heroin outside of work. We noticed the impact on his performance in the workplace but did not know what to do, and at first thought the only option was to dismiss him.

    Recovery4Life was amazing, not only did the team come and validate the tests but they sat with our colleague and put a full package of care in place for the individual and his partner. As there were young children in the family we were also required by law to report to social services – again something we had no experience of dealing with. Recovery4Life managed all of this from liaising with social services to getting the family into treatment locally and monitoring progress.

    Nine months later we have our colleague back, we have helped him keep his family together and we have avoided the time and expense associated with replacing a key, highly skilled, member of staff. Recovery4Life managed his referral into the public sector ensuring he got the right help from the right people at the right time. Even better his treatment was free and Recovery4Life worked on our behalf to make sure he got what he and his family got what they needed. If you have any problems like this Recovery4Life are the people to talk to.

  • Independence and Professionalism

    Waste Recycling Logistics Company, North East As soon as a company decides to implement policies relating to drugs and alcohol testing, feelings, emotions and suspicions come to the fore. At this point we had a choice. Either ‘go it alone’ and undertake our own tests, or engage a suitably competent organisation to do it for us.

    At the end of the day, these tests are requested of your workmates, pals, buddies, and in some cases, your family, and no one wants anyone to fail.

    We are delighted to be working with Recovery4Life who has provided a level of professionalism and a range of specialisms that we never would have been able to develop on our own. More importantly, working with Recovery4Life has provided a level of independence which has enabled us to implement our policies and procedures without affecting working relationships within the company. Our employees accept the fact that on any day of the week, at any hour of the day, someone from Recovery4Life could be on site, either pre-planned, or as a quick response request, to ensure that standards of workplace safety are maintained.

    The results speak for themselves.   When we first implemented the programme in 2011 the failure rate was 11.8%, with a regular, targeted programme this dropped to a failure rate of 3.7%, and down to 0.8%. We would endorse Recovery4Life whole-heartedly – its regulatory body and governance ensures that its protocols and ethics are unquestionable and their staff are friendly, professional and responsive – providing appropriate, concise and fail safe reports and guidance.

  • Large Scale Testing and Policy Implementation

    Large Engineering Works, North East We are a large engineering company operating over a number of sites across Europe with a workforce of over 800 people.

    With large numbers of contractors onsite each day it is essential that we have effective screening and support on site. Working with our own occupational health team Recovery4Life provides specialist health screening and advice.

    Recovery4Life implemented an effective random testing programme for us and with its advice and guidance we have changed the tests and testing programme, the results of which are starting to be felt. This highlighted that the tests we were using were showing false negatives, and we now have a rigorous programme and are rolling this out to our subcontracting companies. We would highly recommend Recovery4Life.

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