The Changing Face of Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace in the North East

Event Date: Wednesday 31 January 2018

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Event Date: Wednesday 31 January 2018

Are drugs and alcohol are impacting on your business?

Do you know how drug trends in the North East are set to change in 2018?

What is the link between substance misuse and mental health?

Do you know what this will mean for your business?

Do you know what to do once you identify substance misuse is a problem in the workforce?

If you do identify a problem, what options do you have and how do you keep key staff and skills in the business?

Drugs and Alcohol misuse present a problem for all employers and keeping up with best practice and legislation is not an easy thing to do, and in this day and age how people misuse substances is more complex than ever. This masterclass will address how drug and alcohol trends and usage have changed in the North East and what this will mean for your company in 2018. We will also cover how to legally and safely manage substance misuse as and when it arises in your workforce.

Whether you are experienced in managing these issues or new and having to address a specific issue, join us for our free breakfast masterclass. Our Masterclasses are fully interactive and operate under Chatham House rules, so if you have any questions or issues that are affecting your workforce then we will be happy to talk through those with you in the strictest confidence.

Spaces are limited so its first come, first serve with a maximum of 2 people from each company

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