Costs & Funding

While there is no set price for our recovery programmes – as every person’s journey is different – we treat each individual on a case-by-case basis. We will talk through all of your options to ensure you get the best outcome.

Your recovery journey starts with a FREE initial consultation to assess whether we can help you or your loved one.  From there you can book a no-obligation comprehensive assessment appointment for £250 during which we will agree a care plan to meet your needs at times, locations and costs to suit you.

Service Level of intervention
Services start from £250.00
Minimum Intermediate Maximum
Comprehensive Assessment

We work through your issues and needs in detail. The appointment can last between 1-3 hours.

Peer Support

We link you with people who have been in similar situations to you.


We’re here to talk through the difficult times when you need it.

Dedicated Care Manager

The person who will manage your care plan and guide you through your recovery journey.


We will use a range of NICE approved therapies (e.g. CBT, MI, MET).


We will remain in touch after the end of your care plan to ensure you have the support required.

1 year 2 years 2 years+

We provide a full range of substitute and relapse prevention prescribing.

Home Detox

Drug and alcohol detox in your home or in the community, at a time that suits you.

Residential Detox

Drug and alcohol detox in a residential clinic in the UK or overseas.

Residential Rehab

Drug and alcohol detox in a residential clinic in the UK or overseas.

Psychiatric Assessment

An assessment for complex mental health issues.

Career Support & Family Therapies

Services to help your loved ones through your recovery journey.

As required As required As required

Rest assured that the price you are given will include everything from the treatment itself, to the programme of care and all after care support – there are no hidden costs.

We recognise that situations and requirements change. We will review your plan with you on a regular basis to accommodate such changes and progress made – allowing you to make the most of your support programme.

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