Types of Test

We offer a full spectrum of tests and can supply fixed and mobile testing equipment for your workplace, including hand held and tethered alcohol breathalysers and immobilisers that prevent drivers of any type of vehicle from driving while over present alcohol limits.


Urine drug tests are used for identification of recent drug use, are cost effective and easy to carry out. Tests vary in quality for drugs tested and tend to come in standard panels between 6-14 drug types. We recommend that the choice of drugs to be tested are made against local drug trends in your area as there can be significant differences in availability of drugs at a local and regional level. This matching process is part of our standard level of service. Urine tests can have a detection period of up to one week depending on the drug used, amount being taken and the frequency of use. Urine tests are the most reliable instant tests available, though as with all tests it is important to have the right policies and chain of custody processes in place to make them an effective tool in the workplace.


Oral fluid tests can be carried out in two ways – instant and back to lab tests. Like urine tests, oral saliva tests are aimed at identifying recent drug use and can recognise a number of different drug types. Our experience is that there are significant differences in the quality and reliability of instant oral tests on the market and both false-positives and false-negatives are fairly common. Their main benefits are that they are cheap and easily administered. Back to lab saliva tests are highly reliable and effective and are particularly useful for confirming instant testing mediums.

Hair strand

Hair strand testing is the most effective and accurate testing available for identifying medium to long term drug and alcohol use. Use of any drugs will show up in this test 7-10 days from when first used and can help estimate when and how often drugs were used over the period of testing. The period of testing is determined by hair growth which is roughly 1cm per month. Hair samples are primarily taken from head hair but can also be taken from other parts of the body if required by a suitably qualified collector. Hair strand testing is particularly useful in pre-employment, promotion and review of staff in high risk jobs. It is also frequently used in child protection cases and other legal situations.

Laboratories (UKAS accredited standard)

We understand that drug and alcohol testing can be a minefield. There are a wide range of tests and testing programmes in the market with variable/highly variable levels of accuracy, costs and response time.

For this reason, Recovery4Life uses a range of quality assured providers including UKAS accredited laboratories, to ensure the services we provide are tailored to the specific needs of your business, sector and operational environment.

Alcohol breathalysers and mass screening devices

Alcohol breathalysers are particularly useful for demonstrating that employees are compliant with a company’s drug and alcohol policy. They measure the level of alcohol in the bloodstream, and come in two main types. Mass screening devices will identify the presence of any alcohol in the breath but do not give a measurement of the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. They are particularly useful for testing large numbers of staff in a short period (e.g. drivers) as a first stage of detection to identify staff who need to be assessed as to whether they are over company/legal limits. Alcohol breathalysers give an exact measurement of alcohol in the bloodstream and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and costs, often with different levels of accuracy.

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