Testing for business

From pre-employment medicals and random drug and alcohol testing to high level, complex and clinical interventions for key staff, Recovery4Life provides businesses with choices on how to address these issues.

Recovery4Life offers a sector leading level of service and expertise not widely available in the UK. We operate multi-component health promotion programmes addressing both alcohol and drug testing, physical health, mental health, pharmacological history and workplace/social cultures. We offer accessible solutions addressing the holistic needs of you and your staff while delivering a return on investment.

We can operate independently or within your existing provision – HR, Occupational Health and Health & Safety, ensuring the integrity of your employees and sub-contractors.


Testing services include

For cause

If there is a cause or reasonable suspicion that your employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty or if an incident or accident happens, testing can be carried out as part of a consistent drug and alcohol testing programme.


Pre-employment screening carried out on potential employees can help reduce the risk of hiring individuals who may pose a risk to your workplace safety, and helps consolidate your drug and alcohol policy – sending out the right message from the outset.

Role specific testing

Some high risk, or safety critical roles may require enhanced or specific testing regimes, often alongside physical and/or mental health assessments. By developing bespoke programmes, we can help you manage risk across your business.

Random screening

As part of a company’s drug and alcohol policy a programme of random drug and alcohol testing demonstrates that you take seriously the impact that drugs and alcohol can have in the workplace. Substance use (prescribed and over the counter medication) and misuse (alcohol and illegal drugs) can be extremely damaging in the workplace when operating heavy machinery, driving or participating in any activity that might affect the public or where it may impact on key decision making within for example, professional services.

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