Workplace Training

At Recovery4Life we offer a wide range of bespoke training courses to meet your needs.

Training is the cornerstone of any successful health and wellbeing programme, because…

This is especially true when introducing services like drug and alcohol testing into the workplace. Through the training sessions we educate and upskill the workforce, promoting a positive culture change.

Working together, we design and deliver a bespoke training courses addressing workplace substance misuse and mental health issues. You might want your course to include:

  • Covid-19 induction for employees
  • Covid-19 awareness – looking after yourself, your colleagues, and your family (this is suitable for all staff)
  • Managing Covid-19 out of the work-place – for managers
  • Drug & Alcohol awareness (toolbox talks)
  • Drug & Alcohol awareness for Managers
  • Drug and alcohol testing course (to RISQS and other industry standards)
  • Mental health awareness (toolbox talks)
  • Introduction to Mental health Awareness for managers (where Mental Health First Aid training has not taken place)
  • Applying Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace

Having agreed the training objectives and priorities for delivery, we tailor the content to meet the needs of each participating group. This means that a session outlining the strategic benefits of a company health and wellbeing programme delivered at board level will be different from a session on the same topic delivered to the HR team. As part of the training plan, we can look at the timings for refresher sessions, along with clinical supervision for company mental health first aiders and advocates.

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