Employee Wellbeing

Recovery4Life offers unique, specialist employee assistance programmes for you, your colleagues and even their families where required.

We provide a range of specialist services relating to employee wellbeing to help you improve the safety, environment and productivity of your workplace. We aim to provide the most cost effective and practical solutions to any issue posed to the wellbeing of your staff.

Drugs and alcohol

At different times in their lives, many people turn to drugs and alcohol to help them get through situations. Be it illicit drugs, alcohol or prescribed or over the counter medication, this can and often get out of hand, and can make a huge impact in the workplace. From an HR perspective, this can cause significant problems, particularly where staff have been employed for a number of years and/or are key to the business. In many cases supporting staff dealing with these issues is a more cost effective and efficient way of managing the issue. From comprehensive assessments we provide bespoke solutions – from referral into appropriate publicly funded support programmes to private case specific treatment, be it low level therapeutic interventions or high level complex detox and substitute prescribing.

Mental Health Support

Often linked to substance misuse, the impact of poor and/or decreasing mental health is a significant risk to your business. We offer a full range of supportive programmes including referral and health monitoring as well as therapeutic interventions and, in the most extreme cases, psychiatric evaluation.

Health Promotion

Prevention is always better than cure, so wherever possible we recommend implementing drug and alcohol policies alongside health promotion activities. This includes information and workshops for employees on a range of subjects including diet and nutrition, sleep hygiene, mindfulness and managing stress in the workplace. We also offer full body acupuncture and other traditional therapies along with medication reviews to help you and your colleagues understand the medication that they are using.

Health Screening

Health screening can be conducted on site and is a great way to promote employee wellbeing and increase productivity within the workplace. We can provide health checks to identify risk factors and plan for a healthier lifestyle going forward for employees.

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